Campaign Headquarters


Lots of people have tried to change the world but few have succeeded.

If you want to make a difference, you’re going to need a plan.

Campaign HQ is an exciting, new ACL initiative conducted by LMI for young future leaders to spend a week thinking biblically about how they plan their life’s campaign.

At CHQ, delegates will strategise, attend briefings and participate in round table discussions looking at leadership, change, politics, philosophy and importantly, the Bible.

University-aged Christians seeking to understand and engage in public leadership from a biblical perspective are invited to apply to attend this six-day, live-in course. 

The program will focus on developing the knowledge, skills, networks, character and foundations needed to be effective in the redemption of Australian culture and government.

Held on the outskirts of Canberra, Campaign HQ will involve instruction from some of Australia's top leaders and thinkers, in a stunning environment, and within a community of next generation policy shapers.

If you are a Christian aged 20-30 and looking to enter a career which impacts the public sphere, or you know of someone who might be, then check out CHQ!


Who?  20-30 year-old students, or those recently graduated, with an interest in public leadership. Only 16 places are available to sit under a range of top lecturers in a community based learning environment.

What?  The program will focus on developing the knowledge, skills, character and foundations needed to be an effective public leader operating from a biblical worldview. It will attempt to help answer questions around:

  • How can we talk about truth, beauty and goodness with any confidence?
  • How can a Christian survive and be effective in public leadership?
  • What is the appropriate relationship between church and state?
  • How can we hold a theology of cultural engagement?
  • How has Christianity influenced law and government in the West?
  • How do we transcend the political game as servant leaders?

When? -  Applications for Jan 14th - 21st , 2018 open in October 2017.

Where?  The LMI Homestead, just north of Canberra

Why?  It seems in today's culture that a large number of young adults are deeply disillusioned with Australian politics and policy. For some it’s due to the adversarial nature of party politics – why should we engage with a system so driven by ambition, slogans and so intent on tearing down those on the opposite side. 

Others point to the unfortunate lack of reasoned debate where we often decide huge national issues based on social media feedback. The shallowness of media and the manipulation of power also highlight the demand for more leaders of integrity, faith and value.

CHQ aims to sharpen young leader's thinking on leadership and Christian engagement in public life, connecting them with other future Christian leaders, and preparing them intellectually and spiritually to transition from study into the public space. 

How much?  $500 (Inc. GST), which covers the cost of accommodation, all meals, lecturers and course materials. Transport to and from Canberra is not included and is to be organised by attendees.

Attendees may wish to seek sponsorship from their church or elsewhere to offset costs. We don’t want cost to be a barrier to attendance. If hardship is an issue, please contact us to discuss alternative arrangements or payment plans.

How to apply?  Complete the online application form to apply. Applications for Jan 14th - 21st , 2018 close on December 14th.