Church Leaders

A three-day two-night programme designed for church leaders. It covers questions such as: What is the separation of church and state? Where has secularism come from and how does it affect our culture? Why is religious freedom so important? What threatens Christian leaders’ right to speak biblically and freely? How should churches lead in a secular society?

Church leaders will have the opportunity to wrestle with tough questions relating to the place of political engagement within churches, Gospel compromise in the face of cultural relevance, and the tension between controversial stances, such as traditional marriage, and their impact on the reception of the Gospel.

This programme offers seminars by leading practitioners and delivers a framework for strengthening and informing your church, and influencing Australia’s social and political landscape.

Cost: $500. Price includes accommodation, meals, and transportation to and from Canberra airport.

The programme runs twice a year with a maximum of twelve delegates.

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