In order to develop leaders with the spiritual, intellectual, and professional fortitude for public service, the academic residency consists of a core curriculum of interdisciplinary studies in theology, philosophy, ethics, history, politics, and law. The Lachlan Macquarie Internship uses a “block course” system with three week long sequential blocks that build upon one another to give a foundational understanding of Christian engagement with public policy.

Block 1 - Biblical foundations for culture, society and politics

Block 2 - Historical traditions and church/state development

Block 3 - Modern political thought and ideologies

Block 4 - Religion and politics in the Australian context


Classes are conducted Monday through Friday in the Socratic teaching method. Each class day is framed by morning and evening devotions that encourage common prayer, Scripture meditation, spiritual reflection, and service.

The program includes occasional trips into Canberra for meetings, lectures and cultural studies, as well as regular dinners with significant Christians with experience in the public sphere.

For insight into some of the content, view our pre-course recommended reading list.