Educational Leaders

A three-day two-night program designed for Secondary and Tertiary Principals and Heads of Departments, which examines Christian education in a secular age. It covers questions such as: How can Christian academies be intellectually and spiritually formative in a secular society? How can we recognise and respond to ideological incursions into curricula—to political correctness, critical theory, and identity politics? Was secular education in Australia meant to be godless? What threatens educational institutions’ freedom to teach and operate in fidelity to their traditions? How can educators plumb culture, distinguishing serious exploration of a fallen world from indulgence in it?

This program offers seminars by leading educational practitioners and academics, and builds a framework for Christian cultural engagement rather than withdrawal.

Cost: $600. Price includes accommodation, meals, and transportation to and from Canberra airport.

The program runs twice a year with a maximum of twelve delegates.

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