Is there any age limit for the internship?

The core Internship program has no age limit, and our oldest intern was in their late 50's. This recognises the fact that people with a career under their belt may still have significant opportunities in the public square to affect change. Naturally the course is orientated towards 'future leaders' but while the average age on the course is around 30yrs, we are more than able to adapt to older interns if the application is successful.  In fact the wisdom an older interns brings to a group is very welcome.

I want to do the internship, but have a family. Are you able to provide accomodation for them as well?

Several people with families have now participated in the Internship. Often their families have lived close by with visits some weekdays and weekends. There are a number of accommodation options in the local area, and we are more than happy to assist with making arrangements for families near to the homestead once you have applied for the program. Unfortunately though, we are unable to help financially and the strong emphasis on learning in community does require all interns to live in during the week and participate in community activites on half the weekends.

Is there any time off during the internship?

There is a 5-day break in the middle of the internship where interns are encouraged to go and spend time with their families. Otherwise, every second weekend is also left available for leisure or family visits, pending other program events.

What if, even with the scholarship, I can't afford the cost?

We would encourage you to seek sponsorship from your church and we find most are very supportive of their church members attending across all denominations. Otherwise we may be able to negotiate a payment plan as we don't want this to be a barrier to otherwise capable people doing the program. In saying that, I can assure you that in terms of bang for your buck there is no other educational experience that compares to this.

How many interns do you take on the LMI per program?

Between 7-10 places are available each program.

What if I don't have a university degree?

We have previously accepted people without a degree if they have sufficient experience and can demonstrate the ability to perform at a high academic level. If uncertain then please feel free to enquire as to eligibility.

How many courses have you run now?

Our inaugural course was in Spring 2011, and we run two courses a year of the main internship. We have been running the Pastors course and CHQ (previously Gap Week) since 2014.

What denomination are you associated with? Can anyone from a faith background participate in the program?

We are not directly affiliated with any single denomination, and have had a range of backgrounds on the program including Anglican, Catholic, Pentecostal, Orthodox, Baptist and many more. Attendees are required to believe in the Trinity and the authority of the Bible. These are the fundamental concepts of faith on which our intellectual studies are built, and without these beliefs the program will not be sustainable for an applicant.