Kategoria Forum

Engaging the culture with the Gospel


What is Kategoria Forum?

The idea for this conference grew out of the mission of the Lachlan Macquarie Institute to train wise Christian leaders for politics and culture who are biblically faithful, culturally intelligent, and positively engaged for the common good. We want to draw together a range of leaders and thinkers who are engaging the culture with the gospel and its implications and put them with young people who are beginning to grapple with these questions.

This 5 day program is designed to equip you for wise Christian political and cultural leadership through in-depth seminars on 4 key areas: analysis of Australian culture, discipleship for a digital age, Christian social vision, and evangelism.

We believe Christian political and cultural leadership needs to take place within the broader context of Christian gospel mission. In his short book How to Reach the West (Again), Timothy Keller argues that this requires a number of elements: a Christian cultural analysis in the vein of Augustine’s City of God (what Keller calls Christian High Theory); a truly Post-Christian evangelistic dynamic; a category-defying social vision similar to that which infused the early Christians in Rome; and a counter-catechesis (discipleship) for a digital age. We've taken some of these themes and developed a conference that applies them to Christian and political leadership. The goal is something unique and integrated.

Often our thinking about political and cultural engagement operates in only one dimension: it might be all about cultural critique or all about evangelism. This produces one dimensional Christian leaders who struggle to be truly effective in bringing the gospel to bear on our society. We believe we need leaders who are shaped and motivated by the gospel, have a big and integrated vision of the ways in which the gospel engages our society, and who have the understanding and character to lead for change.



Each day will include a talk from the Bible, an introductory seminar on the themes of culture, discipleship, Christian social ethics/vision, or evangelism, and a number of sessions exploring these things with experts in the field.

Speakers include:
Stephen McAlpine
Roy Williams
Patrick Parkinson
Leigh Hatcher
Megan Best
Frank Stootman
Luke Glanville
Paul Oslington
And others still to come.


Date and Time: Sunday 16th Oct 2022 (arrive onsite by 5pm) – Wednesday 19th October (depart from 4pm).

Location: The conference will be held on the beautiful campus of the Lachlan Macquarie Institute in Murrumbateman wine region, NSW (30mins outside Canberra). 

Cost: $450 per person (includes accommodation and meals).