We offer a range of short and long programmes for people of varying ages and professions. Each programme targets specific areas of public engagement, including public service, policy, politics, law, education, not-for-profit, and church. Programmes combine Scripture, social analysis, Christian apologetics, lawmaking, political science, and philosophy.

Our programmes also upskill current and future leaders in writing, public speaking, précis, debating, and strategy.

We guarantee real-world experience, placing participants in parliamentary, NGO, and workplace internships.

Our programmes are led by Australian experts. Our teachers comprise academics including professors from Australia’s top universities, elite public policy analysts, media specialists, and church and business leaders. Regular guest speakers include former and serving parliamentarians, among them former and current cabinet members.


This week long programme acts like a GPS, enabling participants to navigate their way through the landscape of ideas and attractions that universities promote.

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Leadership and Civil Society

A twelve-week summer internship with a Christmas break, targeting potential leaders in the arts, media, politics, public service, law, academia, and education.

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Leadership and Public Service

Our Flagship offering, this 14 week Programme places a stronger emphasis on future leaders in politics and public service, it promotes intellectual rigour and discernment, character formation, and involves work-experience in key areas of government.

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Church Leaders

A two-day one-night programme designed for church leaders, it offers seminars by leading practitioners and delivers a framework for strengthening and informing your church, and influencing Australia’s social and political landscape.

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Educational Leaders

A three-day programme designed for Secondary and Tertiary Principals and Heads of Departments, which examines Christian education in a secular age. It offers seminars by leading educational practitioners and academics, and builds a framework for Christian cultural engagement rather than withdrawal.

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