The Lachlan Macquarie Internship is designed to foster a greater appreciation of the relevance of a Christian worldview to public policy. It is offered selectively to high achieving post tertiary qualified Christians considering careers in areas with influence on public policy and culture and aims particularly to give them a foundational understanding of the intersection between religion and politics in Australia before they go into public life. Our primary purpose therefore is to help quality people to pursue effective careers in politics, journalism, law, research and the public service, but also in other areas that affect culture.

By providing an academic and creative environment in which to grow in knowledge of history, theology, law, politics and Australian culture, participants of diverse political persuasions will enter the public realm with a more robust motivation and purpose, founded on a solid faith and integrity. At the same time they will gain an appreciation for the network of Christian policy organisations working in this area, and develop the skills to engage practically, theologically and faithfully in the wider cultural and political sphere.

Importantly, we believe that this brief experience of living and learning in a close community of faith will create deep relationships that will contribute to a better and more productive environment in our often adversarial public space. This, along with exposure to distinguished leaders in the public domain who exhibit Christ like values and bearing, will encourage and better equip these future leaders to retain their integrity and effectiveness.

For more details on the internship program go to the Program Description.